Healthcare secretaries

Icelandic Association of Healthcare Secretaries was founded 31st of May 2005.

The first healthcare secretaries graduated in the year 2004 from the Comprehensive College of Armuli, Reykjavik, Iceland. Members are 78 women working in hospitals, primary care and private clinics.

Educational- and recreational meetings are set 4-6 times each year including annual general meeting and christmas meeting. In the weeks before christmas members meet once for lunch at Saturday.

Currently a seminar called Competency is conducted in 3 turns, 2 in spring time and 1 next autumn, 2008.

Sigridur V. Ingimarsdottir healthcare secretary was chosen an honorary member at the annual general meeting of the Association of Healthcare secretaries in the year 2007. Sigridur deserves a gratitude for working energetically on instigating formal education of healthcare secretaries.

The goals of the Association is to:

  • Work on evolution in the profession.
  • Fight for better wages.
  • Make sure that the healthcare secretaries education is always up to date.
  • Work towards uniting the members.